20/29 Gallon Vertical Kit – Sliders (3 left)

20/29 Gallon Vertical Kit – Sliders (3 left)


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This kit is designed to assist in converting a Aqueon 20H or 20L aquarium into a vertically oriented terrarium. You will still need to purchase an Aqueon 20H/L gallon aquarium, single pane glass (3/32-inches which is also 2.2mm)  doors and base, as well as silicone. This kit also contains a hole made for a Mistking misting assembly. A cover is included to close the hole when not being used. Adhesive handles for the glass are also included. A misting module is optional.

20H Aqueon Aquarium

DOOR: (2) 16″ x 6″
BASE: 5″ x 11-3/4″

20L and 29 Aqueon Aquariums

DOOR:  (2) 22″ x 6″
BASE: 5″ x 11-3/4″

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