40 Gallon Horizontal Kit – Sliders

40 Gallon Horizontal Kit – Sliders





Custom 3D printed. Ships in 7 days or as fast as it gets off the printer. (which could be way sooner)

This kit is designed to assist in converting a Aqueon 40B aquarium into a horizontally oriented terrarium. You will still need to purchase an Aqueon 40B gallon aquarium (usually available for $50 during the dollar per gallon sale at Petco), single pane glass (3/32-inches which is also 2.2mm) doors and base, as well as silicone. This kit also contains four holes made for a Mistking misting assembly or the fan system we make available. A cover is included to close the hole when not being used. Adhesive handles for the glass are also included.



DOOR: (2) 12″ x 18″ (12″x36″ piece of single strength glass (2.2mm or 3/32-inches) cut in half)
BASE: 3″ x 35-3/8″ (may be up to 3mm or 1/8-inch in width for those who want to use acrylic)


Be sure to use fine sand paper on the sharp edges and corners. Corners must be sanded down to avoid them biting into the plastic.)


Shipping included within US. +$20 surcharge applied for Canada.



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